Move Over Fanny Pack, The Saddlebag Is The Hottest Accessory Now

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Move Over Fanny Pack, The Saddlebag Is The Hottest Accessory Now

An accessory trend that clearly took spring-summer by storm was fanny packs, and it still continues to be a popular pick with celebrities all over the globe making it a part of their fashion wardrobe. The almost forgotten utility bag has clearly never looked more stylish than now, with luxury fashion houses giving it a chic new makeover. And just when we thought that there was no getting over fanny packs anytime soon, Dior has started a whole new craze for the saddlebag – again.

While there are different kinds of saddlebags, the one we are talking about is the chic micro horse saddle-shaped sack that became an instant runway hit with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s autumn-winter 2018 collection. With many stunning pieces to boost, the Italian designer has provided a stylish solution for women’s everyday needs.

Saddlebags first became a fashion sensation during the early 00s when John Galliano introduced the iconic bag in his spring-summer 2000 ready-to-wear collection for Christian Dior. In 2007, he went on to launch 12 limited edition saddlebags to celebrate his decade long stint at Christian Dior, and they became the ‘it’ accessory. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Paris Hilton, celebrities left no stone unturned to make a case from saddlebags until 2008’s financial crush played a spoilsport.

Dior’s iconic saddlebags are making a comeback this season in the most stylish way as possible. It’s already got a long list of celebrities showering major love for the iconic pieces. On one of Dior’s Instagram posts, the brand shared a statement by Maria Grazia Chiuri: “The ‘Saddle’ bag is an emotive object that becomes a symbol of individuality, capable of instantly communicating something of the personality of those who choose it.” And also in another post, “Like a chameleon, it adapts to all situations”.

The saddlebags are available in many stylish designs – colourful, embroidered or with beaded fringe. From Miranda Kerr to Jessica Alba, celebs are surely loving the trend.

Back home, among the first to sport the saddlebag is celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani.

Easy and functional, the saddlebag is back as a crossbody bag with a broad strap and the signature gold ‘D’ charm hanging off them. Now let’s wait and watch which B-town celeb gets hooked onto it this season.