Why is Having a Tan Fashionable?

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There are so many people that crave sun, and when they get it, you just cannot get them away from it. Not only is being in the sun relaxing and great for your mood, but you also get to give your skin vital vitamins as well as gain a glowing tan that is often associated with being healthy.

When people come back from being on holiday in a hot country, there is no doubt that the touch of sun they experienced gives them a healthy look. This is actually why having a tan is fashionable.

Look at the many models you see online and in magazines. When the summery and fashionable look is needed, then a suntan is almost a must.

To get a tan people will as far using suntan cream, which is commonly known as a spray tan. Other options include using an electronic sunbed. Both have become big business, especially in places such as Europe where tanning products and electronics are big business.

Unfortunately, countries like the United Kingdom, a severe lack of sun for the majority of the year make sit hard to keep that fashionable looking tan.

Any tan gained through what little UK summer sun there has been over the last years is lost within a couple of months into the winter. When the clocks go back 1 hour in October, the days get shorter and the hours of sunlight get shorter. 3 months after the country prepared for the longest day of the year, they start to prepare for the shortest day of the year.

That doesn’t mean people don’t try to keep their tan. Those that care about maintaining a healthy and fashionable look by keeping their skin radiantly glowing will go to great lengths to make sure this happens.

  • Book a Winter Holiday in the Sun

One way to keep a tan after the summer months in places like the UK is to stay in the UK for the duration of the summer. Rather than follow the masses, those that want to keep their tan will wait until the winter months kick in and choose this time to take days of work. Countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam make for the perfect winter sun getaway.

  • Spray Tanning

As the holiday tan begins to wear off, but the worst of the winter is over, many people will use spray tan to maintain a healthy look. With their fading tan, just a small amount of sun spray makes sure the tan remains. Check out the fake tan celebs.

  • Sunbeds

Although there is a lot of hype behind sun beds being unhealthy or causing cancer, the technology has come a long way. Plus, with all the warning signs out there and numerous guides on how to use sunbeds safely, there is really nothing to worry about as long as you are responsible.

Companies such as Best Sunbeds in the UK supply sunbeds to be people’s homes along with guidelines on how to use them safely. You don’t have to use a sunbed all year around either. You can just pop into a tanning salon or buy a sunbed of your own and use it just to top up your tan once a week.

As you can see, there are great lengths people will go to in order to keep their healthy looking tan. One of the biggest reasons is because without a question of a doubt, having a tan is one of the most fashionable looks you can have.