3 Dupattas That Will Make Your Old Suits Look New

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3 <i>Dupattas</i> That Will Make Your Old Suits Look New

There’s nothing quite like wearing a good old salwar kameez or churidar kurta to truly embody and embrace the festive vibe that has now started in full force. But having to buy new outfits every season can get not just cumbersome, but also easily burn a hole in your wallet. How do you then pull off the same Indian suits as last season while still looking different? By changing the dupatta, of course. The dupattas we wear with our suits and often give such little thought to, can have a bigger impact than we imagine. Just changing the dupatta that you choose to wear with a suit is enough to make your entire outfit look and feel absolutely new. So go ahead, pull out your old suits, or your mom’s old suits and start pairing them with new dupattas.

A vibrant and colourful dupatta is a must have. A rich and colourful dupatta can add some glamour even to a plain white outfit. We absolutely love this red mirror work dupatta with multicolor thread work all over.

For a day time function or event, there’s nothing like wearing subtle pastel colours. If you have an old suit in hues of soft pink, mint green or sea blue, pair it with this beautiful turquoise chanderi dupattafrom Aksara. With its floral jacquard borders, this dupatta is a classic piece.

A Banarasi dupatta will seldom disappoint. Not only do Banarasi dupattas look rather festive, but they can also instantly add some much needed glamour to even a basic outfit.

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