Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis Edibles

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Cannabis also commonly referred to as marijuana is one of the oldest and naturally occurring psychoactive substances available to us. These are found in three varieties namely Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and the Cannabis ruderalis. Marijuana finds its origin in Asian countries like India and China. The cannabis plants can grow as high as 5 feet in favourable environments of the mountainous regions.

The flower buds, leaves and the stems of this plant can be eaten raw and also be can put into the brownies, brewed into the tea and cookies etc. These products called ‘cannabis edibles’ are more potent in their effect as compared to inhaled forms of cannabis.

How cannabis works?

Cannabis contains nearly a hundred different compounds as part of its basic structure. However, as per the in-depth studies and experimentation conducted by the scientists, it has been discovered that Tetrahydrocannabinol commonly referred to as THC, is the one major component responsible for causing a psychoactive effect.

THC uses the cannabinoid receptors to deliver its effect. These receptors are spread throughout our bodies. Cannabis edibles have greater potency of THC and other psychoactive principles of the plant. When Cannabis is consumed in the form of edibles, it triggers the THC to bind itself to the cannabinoids inside the body. THC thus produces it action on brain centres which are responsible for pain, anxiety, pleasure and time perception.

This binding activity results in the immediate release of the ‘feel good hormone’ in our system technically referred to as Dopamine. Though the experiences may vary from person to person, however, broadly a recipient may encounter the positive feelings like euphoria, ecstasy or deep relaxation followed by mild sedation, which is dependent upon the dosage taken. The best part is that you can Just Cannabis buy edibles online from reputable retailers.

What to expect from cannabis edibles?

Edibles are found to produce effects for a longer duration of time. These allow for a more measured dosage. Moreover, these render a better body high and do not require the use of any extra equipment.

The onset of effect of cannabis edibles can take a longer duration of time as compared to vaporised forms. Generally, it requires around 30 minutes to 120 minutes of time for the edibles to show their psychoactive effects.  Moreover, the results may vary from individual to individual. Thus, it can be tricky initially to decide the dosage level of the cannabis edibles. There are other factors like whether you are taking the product empty stomach and the metabolic rate of a person play a part in the duration of induction and sustenance of the cannabis effects.

What makes edibles special?

Edibles are more potent forms of cannabis because of the way in which these get metabolised inside the body. After eating a cannabis product, it goes to the stomach and the intestinal tract. Moreover, THC when it crosses the liver gets metabolised to a more potent form called 11-hydroxy-THC. This chemical enters human brain more quickly and produces a lasting effect. That is why many people prefer cannabis edibles to get a greater experience and high.