All You Need to Know About the Personal Injury Laws

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Personal injury laws in Canada are commonly referred to as “Tort Laws”. The word tort has got its lineage from the Latin word ‘tortus’ which simply means wrong! Tort law has been put in place in order to arrange the compensation to the injured party from the one who is responsible for the injury. The objective of the law is to arrange financial relief for the damages incurred and also to deter the general public by setting the example of judgement so that they refrain from committing any kinds of injurious harms to others. 

The coverage for the Canadian personal injury law (physical as well as psychological nature of damages) broadly covers the following:

  • Injurious motorbike accidents
  • Accidents caused due to school board negligence
  • Claims made on the public liability
  • Injuries sustained while travelling on public transport
  • Injuries sustained in public recreational facilities
  • Claims made on a particular product liability
  • Claims made on catastrophic losses

The suffering party can recover for various types of damages duly authenticated by the Canadian law:

  • If it is a case where individual suffers pain and injury.
  • If there is total loss of capacity to earn as a result of the injury
  • If medical expenses have been incurred. This includes present and a future estimate of losses, which the defending party might have to bear.

Like any other lawsuit filed under the court’s jurisdiction, personal injury related lawsuits also demand time, energy and the funds to contest. Studies have shown that many cases are settled out of the court by the inclusion of the insurance firm. Unawareness of the laws and procedures make the injured party settle that way. 

If you somehow feel that your claim is small and cannot bear to take huge legal costs then you must consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in order to get the clearer picture on your assumptions. An experienced personal injury lawyer with the virtue of huge experience can exactly tell you the worth of your claim.

Points to keep in mind

  • Be upfront with all the documents related to the case, so that you can negotiate a fair deal.
  • Be open and ask beforehand that how much cost is going to be incurred in form of legal fees.
  • You can also ask the lawyer if they can fight your case on a flat rate than an hourly basis. The later can prove to be quite expensive. Yu can get to know detailed information regarding this and others aspects at
  • It helps being patient and calm during the legal proceedings to ensure the right outcome.

Advantages of professional help

Going through the route of law can ensure you the maximum settlement possible with the minimum expenses incurred in terms of lawyer’s legal fees. This not only makes you aware of the set of legal processes involved but also gives immense satisfaction to have ultimately followed the course of law.

Every case is unique in its own way, hence it is highly recommended to take an expert opinion before deciding on a further course of action. Also, if someone has sustained the injuries due to the negligence of another person, filing a claim is a right decision as this will ensure the monetary support which is required during the recovery period.