Hearing Aid and its advantages

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What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aid is a device which is used by people who have hearing loss. It helps to make the sounds audible which are around them. Reasons for hearing loss can be anything like problem by birth or due to any accident. If one gets some hearing problems after an accident, then hearing aid is the best option to have to again hear things properly. If you like to take care of your foot you will also love to check this : Cooksville Foot Care Clinic for your foot care.

Before these new technologies, the ear trumpets were used. These tubular or funnel shaped device would transmit sound waves from around to the ear canal.  Modern hearing aids are far more advanced than those are. Hearing aids, which come today, are computerized electro acoustic systems that transmit environmental sounds to have the best audible sound. These new kinds of hearing aids use latest technologies that are they can adjust according to one person’s needs. Different people have different kinds of problems and they need different kind of treatment, so this feature of adjustment just makes it suitable for all. The process is called “fitting” and is done by a doctor of audiology. Fitting varies according to physical features and lifestyle of the wearer and most importantly the configuration to match the hearing loss. It all depends on the quality of fitting how well your hearing aid will deliver benefits to you. In today’s times, most of the people prefer digital hearing aids only. 

There are many kinds of hearing aids also known as hearing instruments. They vary in sizes, circuitry and models. Some of those are mentioned below:

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

Also called BTE it rest behind the ear and transmit sound in three ways to your ear canal. 

In-the-ear hearing aid

We can say them in-the-canal and ITE too. They have their working part in the ear mould, which fits in your ear. 

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aid

Also called CIC it fits further more into the ear canal than ITE and is less visible than other hearing aids. 

Invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid

This IIC are new in the market and they are fitted very deeply in the ear canal and can only be removed by ones audiologist. 

Advantages of a hearing aid:

Ease for old people-

After a certain age, many people start to have hearing issues. This is a common issue among everyone. These hearing aids help them to be able to hear clearly even in their old age. They feel good about themselves that now they are not dependent on others for hearing. 

Feel better about yourself-

When one will be able to hear properly and will not depend on others, this will definitely make them feel better about themselves. This will help bring the confidence back in them.

Able to build social contact-

If one is able to hear someone only then one can answer and have a conversation. If one can interact with someone then he’ll be able to build a good social contact.