Swamp Mats- Eco-friendly way to get out of Mucks

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Recall that time if you have ever been for off-roading or for any scouting trip to any countryside and got stuck in a deep swampy and muddy area. It a very common thing out there but it takes a lot of efforts to get out from such areas sometimes. If you are the one who is a part of any off-roading club or stays in an area, which is filled with shallow mud land, then the pain is real.  It takes a lot of time to get out of such areas. Your cars and jeeps may not easily make a way through it. Many off roaders use pulley to pull out cars from the mud. But, now there is an alternative option to that and that is Swamp mats.

As the name says these are the mats that are especially built to sustain in such an environment where you get stuck and the area is low lying and muddy. They are not the normal mats that you keep on your door front to clear your mucky feet but these are the mats or say artificial roads to get out of mud spattered ecosystem of grasslands and rainy water. Many countries have places where rains are very fierce and ceaseless and for such places, there is a requirement of alternatives that can pull you out from the bad conditions swamp mats are very thick mats that can take a load of a truck also. Military vans and convoys are the major ones those who carry swam mats with them everywhere. Because god knows where it can be used.

Benefits of swamp Mats:

Easy get away from bad ecosystems: Swamp mats are the best and the easy getaways from a mucky and rainy ecosystem. They provide a good hold to your trucks or cars to get through the bad conditions. One can also make a bridge out of them to cross big gaps.

Easy to Install: before swamp mats pulleys use to be installed. Though they are still being installed but to install a pulley it needs a lot of efforts and time but in case of swamps it is not like this. You just need to put swamp wherever you see a bad muck hole.

Stabilizing of ground: A swamp mat stabilizes the ground by putting equal pressure on every side. It’s like a road built on a bad foundation which provides you an ease of drive.

Ecofriendly: The swamp mats are eco-friendly in nature as they are made up of things that are environment friendly and do not disturb any eco system.

Types of mats:

There are different types of swamp mats and each one has its own use and place. Some mats are:

  • Access mats: Basic mats for easily accessibility from one place to another. They can handle only assigned pressure on them.
  • Rig mats: These mats are hulk in nature. They can carry heavy loads and are made of iron or wood.
  • Crane and digging mats: They are one level up than the rig mats. They can carry cranes and are also used to make bridges.