Staying You on Your Wedding Day

Fashion Updates

Weddings might traditionally give the bride all the glory, but the times are changing and grooms are providing their input too these days. Show your personality on the day you get married to remind everyone that even though you are someone’s husband, you are still you at the core.

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Small Touches

If your bride won’t let you wear your Obi-Wan Kenobi robes on your wedding day, you can at least subtly hide details in your penguin suit that neither she nor her mother can complain about. There are many small, creative touches that you can add to your wedding clothes to show your personality.

Pocket Squares

Such a small detail can add such a pop. If you’re wondering where to buy pocket squares online, there are many websites that will customize something just for you in many patterns and colors.


It will be front and center when you walk down the aisle, so make it count. Pick out a tie in a color or pattern that shows your personality as an individual.


Are you a Chuck Taylor guy? Do you rock cowboy boots on the regular? Are your Nikes your babies? Ditch the stuffy dress loafers and wear something that you love to keep you comfy all day. Bonus points if they’re one of your wedding colors.


You might be wearing long black dress pants, but a fun pair of socks underneath them makes for a fun surprise. You and all your boys can mix and match your socks and pose for a silly picture later on.


Wedding day cufflinks don’t have to be solid metal anymore. There are so many fun varieties to choose from that you are sure to find something you love: From bullet casings to the Bat symbol and everything in between.

It’s not game over for you on your wedding day. Communicate with your wife-to-be and remind her that you’re getting married too, and that you need to show off your personality. She’s the girl of your dreams and should be understanding.