Jennifer Lopez closes Versace SS20 in the iconic dress that launched Google Images

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Jennifer Lopez broke the internet yet again, in a version of the iconic, dangerously plunging Versace dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000

How to follow the safety-pin and supermodel-filled extravaganza that was Versace’s autumn/winter 2019 show? By getting Jennifer Lopez to turn model, of course. The Hustlers star closed the house’s spring/summer 2020 presentation in the plunging Versace dress that became legendary when she wore it to the Grammy Awards in 2000—with the original print reprised across multiple designs more than 20 years after it was first released. It was a suitably grand finale both for the collection and for Lopez’s trip to Milan Fashion Week, which has seen the musician appear in outfits ranging from a tie-dye Polo Ralph Lauren tracksuit to a head-to-toe Sally LaPointe look, complete with mountain hat.

Rumours that the 50-year-old would appear at Versace began to circulate yesterday after the brand posted a digital invitation to its spring/summer 2020 presentation on Instagram—featuring a remarkably familiar tropical leaf and bamboo pattern. A further clue: the collection was shown in partnership with Google Images, which Google president Eric Schmidt claimed was founded after J Lo’s green dress first went viral.