Live A Stylish Equestrian Lifestyle

Fashion Updates

You always see them on movies – expert horsemen galloping in slow motion across a flowered meadow with their jacket and hair flowing behind them on the breeze. Maybe in real life, riding horses is not quite the elegant pastime shown on film, but you can manage to keep yourself and your horse in top shape with a few of these tips.

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Looking Your Best

If you are not an expert rider, you can at least give the appearance you are. In place of jeans or sweats, opt for a tailored pair of riding breeches, some with a grip seat, with just the right stretch to provide flexibility but that maintains its good looks when your are not seated on a horse. Polos and tech shirts are also popular looks with either long or short sleeves, in solids or color block designs. Some of these pieces can come at quite a price unless you look for a good deal on cheap riding clothes. Don’t forget a stylish jacket for cool mornings or chilly weather, as well as a good pair of riding boots.

Dress Your Horse as Well

When it is cold or damp outside, your horse will feel it as well. You might want to invest in a blanket that fastens at the chest as well as having a tail strap to help keep it in place. Fetlock boots and leg wraps can also help. You may wish to use colored leg wraps when trotting through fields as well to help protect legs from being scratched up.

Make Sure Your Tack is Up to Par

When you are outfitting your horse for riding, you may want to consider your tack and upgrade where needed. Choose a tooled leather or beaded headstall for a bit of panache. Coordinate your girth and bridle for a cohesive look. Finish off with a new saddle and bridle look well together.

With you and your horse both looking your best, you may see an increase in confidence as you improve on, or show off your riding skills. You may just turn a few heads as well.