The Touching Reason This Couple Got Married At A Hospital

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The Touching Reason This Couple Got Married At A Hospital

Aaliyah and Michael Thompson at their hospital wedding.

Aaliyah and Michael Thompson of Texas, USA, had delayed their wedding three times since they got engaged. The couple was intent on getting married on September 21, reports People. However, before the big day arrived, Michael Thompson received a call saying his father had been admitted to Baylor Scott and White-Sunnyvale.

William Thompson developed sepsis due to a complication with diabetes and needed to have an emergency operation, followed by weeks of recovery.

The couple knew they could not get married without him, so they dropped everything and brought the wedding to him.

“I told him, if your dad has surgery, there is no way that they are going to let him out for the wedding so we talked and discussed it and that’s when we decided if he can’t leave, then we go and get married in front of him in that hospital room,” Aaliyah, Michael’s now-wife said to NBC News.

Touching photos shared on the hospital’s Facebook page this Tuesday show Aaliyah and Michael Thompson exchanging rings at the hospital while wearing blue hospital robes.