Why These Rs 20,000 Earrings Are Confusing Shoppers

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Why These Rs 20,000 Earrings Are Confusing Shoppers

Maison Margiela tag earrings look like two hoops on a piece of cardboard.

Shoppers have been left baffled by Maison Margiela earrings designed to look like a tag holding a pair of gold hoops. The French fashion house has gone viral after photos of their “White & Gold Single Tag Earring” were tweeted by a confused shopper.


At first glance, the earrings appear to be like any other golden hoops available in the market. Upon closer inspection, however, shoppers will realise that the piece of jewellery on sale for 220 pounds (approximately Rs 20,000) is actually one single earring – designed to look like hoops on a cardboard piece. The earring is currently on sale and up for grabs for 84 pounds – or approximately Rs 7,700.

According to Daily Mail, the golden hoops are brass and hang on a ‘cardboard’ of white leather. The hoops can be detached and worn as a regular pair of earrings too.

Pics of the Maison Margiela earring have gone viral on Twitter with over 5 lakh ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments. Some have called the earrings “bizarre”, while others have shared confused reactions.

One Twitter user also pointed out that the earrings appear to be high-end knock offs of Georgina Trevino’s jewellery.

While another shared more examples of puzzling Maison Margiela products.

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